Kalipsel Tribe Sues Government Over Rival Washington Tribal Casino

Kalipsel Tribe Sues Government Over Rival Washington Tribal Casino

The Kalispel Tribe of Washington State is suing the government that is federal its choice to permit the neighboring Spokane tribe to construct a casino simply two miles from its flagship Northern Quest Casino and Resort.

Curt Holmes, Kalispel Executive Director of Public and political Affairs, stated his tribe supports the Spokanes’ right to look for opportunity that is economic although not at the price associated with Kalispels and its future generations.

The lawsuit, filed last week, claims the the brand new casino will jeopardize the procedure of Kalispel’s government. The tribe is demanding the court halt the construction of this brand new casino on the grounds that the Spokane lands are newly obtained.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act prohibits Class III casino video gaming on lands acquired after 1988, the it was enacted year. But there is an exception to this rule,, referred to as ‘two-part determination,’ which allows casino gaming on newly acquired lands.

This would depend, nevertheless, on the Secretary of Interior consulting the tribe, state and local officials, along with other nearby tribes, to determine that a new casino is within the needs of the tribe and does not adversely impact the wider, surrounding community.

Legal Action the sole Course

The Department is believed by the Kalispel of the Interior (DOI) plus the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) failed to do so.

Also, it contests that, in mak […]